haskell libraries

I wrote and maintain a number of Haskell libraries. Contact me for bug reports and feature requests.


A library to create games running into your terminal/console. It aims to be cross-platform (Linux/Win/Mac) and practical.

A selection of games made with ansi-terminal-game:

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A simple implementation of timers/animations utilities for tick-based programs (i.e. games). Features standard timers, animation timers, different expiration conditions, different looping behaviours, querying, mapping.

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Lightweight UTF-8 handling.

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Collection of scalpel scrapers to scrape search results of DuckDuckGo and Google.

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Line drawing algorithms (currently: Bresenham).

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A very simple library to break lines with hyphenation. Example:

(normal textbox)                        (hyphenated textbox)
Rimasi un po’ a meditare nel buio       Rimasi un po’ a meditare nel buio
velato appena dal barlume azzurrino     velato appena dal barlume azzurrino
del fornello a gas, su cui              del fornello a gas, su cui sobbol-
sobbolliva quieta la pentola.           liva quieta la pentola.

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