What is RSS?

RSS is a tool that makes navigating the internet easier and more efficient.

One of the simplest way to know whether a site has changed (i.e. with new content) is to check it yourself: fire up your browser, go to said site, look for news. This might work without much problem with just one site, but quickly becomes unwieldy with tens or hundreds of them.

With RSS you can select the pages you like and be warned when they change.

RSS instructions

It is really easy to get started. Many browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.) have built in RSS functionality. If you use Chrome, you need to download an RSS extension from its store.

Once you visit a site you deem interesting, look for an icon that looks like this:

RSS icon

click on it and (after the page loads) on “Subscribe”; you are done! From now on you will be notified when the author(s) add something new.

Edit 21/04/15: some sites don’t advertise their RSS feeds, even though they are present. You can access them via “page info” menu. Example in Firefox: go here and press Ctrl+I, you will now see the familiar feed icon).

RSS examples

Let us see what can be read via RSS: