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Welcome, deciduous carnival!

back in the 2000s (2019-08-24 07:44:00)

<@BrutalSlakt> we looked in a magazine I have from 2000, and the things in it
               are suppose to be "omg how crazy", but looking in it today it was
               more "yeah, that's things people do these days.." xD
          <me> haha like?
<@BrutalSlakt> some guy killed by his friend, a hippo. a girl that can dive 35m.
               some fat people. some dudes that put patterns of diseases (what
               you see in the microscope) on clothes. some psychologist that
               uses a therapy which one person pretends to be dead and the others
               tell them stuff they couldn't "when they were alive".
<@BrutalSlakt> some hindu festival called Holi.
          <me> haha
<@BrutalSlakt> a hotel under the water

Not in the 2000s:

hugo (2019-08-16 07:35:00)

can your todo-list app do that? (2019-08-08 08:31:00)

Most likely no.


feliĉan esperantotagon (2019-07-26 08:38:00)

typecast (2019-07-15 06:22:00)

My friend Carina has finally found some time to try her typewriter. Ribbon might need to be replaced, results are encouraging:


Bigger version.

venzone (2019-05-24 08:07:00)

Slowly shaping up:

Maruka highland / Keith Lofstrom's Vanity Web Page.

Moonlight Smugglers (2019-05-15 08:00:01)

scratches (2019-03-31 08:42:00)

Bonus: <BrutalSlakt> 300SEK (didn't buy, don't have the space) (pic)

Kerfuffle (2019-02-02 07:10:00)

Play Kerfuffle by KKairos!


To play it you need DosBox and the ZZT engine. Move the .zzt into the engine folder, select a world with W and pick KRFFFL-C). The game is worth the setup pain, I promise!

Other: Dokmelody, (eo) Mazi en Gondolando.

read-list (2019-01-01 08:42:00)

Last year I decided to get back into reading more (I even compiled a handy list to help me in the selection process).

I read 60+ books in 2018: 53 from the public library, a handful of ebooks (I sold my ebook reader after realising paper is more comfortable to my eyes – and gets me in the mood to read more) and a few paperbacks bought in shopping sprees.

So here is a selection of the ones I liked most, if you want to start your 2019 with a similar goal:

Goodbye Mnemosyne (2018-12-07 07:44:00)

After almost ten years, the time has finally come to say “goodbye” to Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne is an amazing spaced-repetition software (with simply the best user experience of them all), but I simply find myself more and more weary of screen-time the older I get.

I will replace it with a pen and paper method: one of A Simple Vocabulary Memorization Method and the Gold Book method.

Transferring ~9500 cards will be quite a task, but I am sure it will be worth it.

gscholar-rss (2018-11-09 08:18:00)

Do you want to be updated of new research papers via RSS? Then you will like gscholar-rss.

Bel fiore dança (2018-10-28 07:35:00)

Here is a small thing I transcribed and tried to play today (synth: aeolus).

If you want to play it yourself, grab the score (abc/pdf).

Jean Giraud's illustrations for the Divine Comedy.