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Autunno gran pittore (2018-11-24 08:42:00)

misc³ (2018-09-14 08:21:00)

Àlternative agli anglicismi.

Underground tape cassette.

Staying afloat.

Some notebooks I have known and loved.

cpp (2018-08-11 07:35:00)

I wrote some haskell hack.

Van Gogh pen & watercolor sketches.

microfilm (2018-07-28 20:51:00)

Photographs on microfilm. Originally high-contrast film developed for reproducing documents, interesting pictorial qualities.

Tempo sei maestro.

Graphical representation of the global biomass distribution by taxa.

Fun with FRP (2018-07-24 08:38:00)

Click on the image below to play a simple-but-smart chess puzzle.

click to enjoy a simple chess puzzle

I wrote this using reflex-dom, to check the capabilities of Haskell for the web. Some of it is still painful (long build times, no way to use repl/ghicd, bloated exes, extremely scant documentation), while writing FRP is alluring.

Joachim Breitner wrote on the matter and provides some relief.

Music keyboard (2018-07-06 08:18:00)

I wrote an article on travel friendly music keyboards.

World cup (2018-06-30 08:00:01)

Europeana hosts a tongue-in-cheek world cup of art.

Few people will buy your book.

Health check.

Una goccia.

history (2018-05-21 07:14:00)

14-18, Manoscritti della Grande Guerra

Theatre is dead

Marriage at Cana

Nella cucina del pittore

Games (2018-05-20 20:31:00)

miscmisc (2018-04-28 07:44:00)

Gimp h8Data preservationEl premio [es] – Sketchbookproject 2018SpectMorphI distrust the miller.

misc (2018-03-18 08:31:00)

animascii (2018-03-16 06:22:00)

I finally published animascii, a textfile-based ascii animator.

Writing it was a nice experience, making me acquainted with some lesser-known parts of cabal workflow.

Enjoy, feedback and bug reports welcome!

Artsy fartsy (2018-02-25 08:36:00)

Can I read, Daddy? (2018-01-07 08:42:00)

The resolution for 2018 is to read more good books. But why start with War and Peace, when you can have a gentler foray into becoming a bibliophile?

Short good books.

Minor mode (2017-12-06 07:10:00)

From linux-audio-users, a reinterpretation (and orchestration) of the German Christmax carol "Oh Tannenbaum" in minor, by Jeanette C.

+: Stonetelling, Why I hate LaTeX, New old thing.

Recollection (2017-11-29 20:44:00)

Two interesting repositories:

Numbers (2017-10-17 08:18:00)

The Case for Numerical Music Notation, a modern day “basso continuo” (three parts: 1, 2, 3) by Phil Nice.

Addendum: Drawing mental illness, No means no, At Sea off Kazusa, Intermezzo.

Blip (2017-08-15 08:07:00)

Inconsistent net is no fun, have a link dump:

Busy Bumblebee reloaded (2017-07-26 20:21:00)

FVP, with a very inky ink and on quite slick pages.


Bigger version of the mess.

A Young Man Goes to a Dance / Are these giant preistoric trees? / A Braille & ASCII map renderer.

Aeolus (2017-05-19 07:35:00)

Last weak I discovered a terrific Linux/OSX organ emulator, Aeolus. In the words of the author, Fons Adriaensen, the aim is “to arrive at a synthesised (i.e. not sampled) pipe organ sound that should be good enough to make an organist enjoy playing it.”

I can vouch for both the “good enough” and “enjoy playing it” parts. I tested the synthesis playing a small choralprelude by Walther on a single midi keyboard (errors mine):