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guadalupe (2020-07-23 08:36:00)

cats (2020-07-08 07:14:00)

statistical power (2020-06-21 07:35:00)

I have finished yet another statistics article which might be of interest to everyone who reads studies now and then: quick statistical power estimate.

Otherwise: A week with Grizzly.

please print (2020-06-19 08:31:00)

who cares if I listen? (2020-06-14 20:21:00)

After some labiorious days, I finally completed it: Who cares if I listen? A study of dodecaphonic music enjoyment.

Thanks to everyone who helped, it is an article I have wanted to write since a long time.

Dodecaphonic experiment (2020-05-27 08:00:01)

I am running a small experiment on present-day dodecaphonic music appreciation.

If you have a few minutes — three, no longer than that — please take the dodecaphonic survey.

As with every statistical inference, the bigger the sample, the higher the chance of finding a significant result. So consider sharing it with your classical-lovers friends and on social media!

acuarelas (2020-05-11 08:21:00)

typewriter maps (2020-04-21 08:42:00)

I spilled milk on my laptop, I had to buy a new one.

hamsterkauf (2020-03-23 07:44:00)

SARS-C0V-2 musing:

Anesthetic art:


quar (2020-03-18 08:42:00)

10pm (2020-02-17 07:10:00)

Minuet diversi (2019-12-23 07:44:00)

Recently I was procrastinating by checking out an old handwritten music volume. It is a compilation of Harpsichord pieces, authored by famous musicians for a Venetian noble-woman, Maria Venier.

The score is unpublished, and probably unperformed since the 1750s. I picked a simple minuet by Baldassarre Galuppi, here is what it sounds like:

venzone released (2019-12-08 08:07:00)

Venzone, an ASCII platform/adventure made by me.

the game "venzone" being played

Grab it while it is hot; if you like it, spread the word!

Gatekeeping (2019-11-18 07:35:00)

<brewton> San Diego is the world centre of taco gatekeeping.

writing-strategies (2019-10-27 08:38:00)

Recently I was looking for scientific articles on the differences between composing with a pen rather than a pencil (the latter becoming my writing instrument of choice after the former leaked on my suit).

The search returned empty handed, but one paper on “writing strategies and writers’ tool” was nontheless initriguing; let me share the findings with you.

First table displays the percentage of “frequent use” of writing tool X in different research areas. Keep in mind the article was published in 1993!


Then the author introduces a “writing strategies” variable; I find the descriptions of the different approaches to composing striking and amusing:


Finally, crosstabs of strategies/area and tools/strategies:


Writing strategies and writers' tools, Daniel Chandler - English Today April 1993 (I feel guilt in saying I got it via Sci-Hub)

more: catchpenny prints.

The Queen of Spades (2019-10-04 08:18:00)

ant empire (2019-09-25 20:31:00)

diaries (2019-09-18 20:51:00)

back in the 2000s (2019-08-24 07:44:00)

<@BrutalSlakt> we looked in a magazine I have from 2000, and the things in it
               are suppose to be "omg how crazy", but looking in it today it was
               more "yeah, that's things people do these days.." xD
          <me> haha like?
<@BrutalSlakt> some guy killed by his friend, a hippo. a girl that can dive 35m.
               some fat people. some dudes that put patterns of diseases (what
               you see in the microscope) on clothes. some psychologist that
               uses a therapy which one person pretends to be dead and the others
               tell them stuff they couldn't "when they were alive".
<@BrutalSlakt> some hindu festival called Holi.
          <me> haha
<@BrutalSlakt> a hotel under the water

Not in the 2000s:

typecast (2019-07-15 06:22:00)

My friend Carina has finally found some time to try her typewriter. Ribbon might need to be replaced, results are encouraging:


Bigger version.