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Numbers (2017-10-17 08:18:00)

The Case for Numerical Music Notation, a modern day “basso continuo” (three parts: 1, 2, 3) by Phil Nice.

Addendum: Drawing mental illness, No means no, At Sea off Kazusa, Intermezzo.

Blip (2017-08-15 08:07:00)

Inconsistent net is no fun, have a link dump:

Busy Bumblebee reloaded (2017-07-26 20:21:00)

FVP, with a very inky ink and on quite slick pages.


Bigger version of the mess.

A Young Man Goes to a Dance / Are these giant preistoric trees? / A Braille & ASCII map renderer.

Robot 1 in the Ship of Doom (2017-07-10 08:42:00)

Robot 1 in the Ship of Doom, a short and sweet ZX Spectrum game by Mat Recardo (with by Sergey Tosov).


Play it with your favourite Speccy emulator. Controls: ZXP. You have 5 minutes to save Robot 1!

Earthenware that looks like Jar-Jar Binks.

Party like it's 1890 (2017-07-01 08:21:00)

Still a thing, apparently.

Easter egg puzzle (so simple, so deceptive, I failed).

Moving by Night, by Misja van Laatum.

10$ revolution.

Sound (2017-05-25 20:31:00)

Why do all records sound the same / Studio tour (with braille display) / The traveler.

Aeolus (2017-05-19 07:35:00)

Last weak I discovered a terrific Linux/OSX organ emulator, Aeolus. In the words of the author, Fons Adriaensen, the aim is “to arrive at a synthesised (i.e. not sampled) pipe organ sound that should be good enough to make an organist enjoy playing it.”

I can vouch for both the “good enough” and “enjoy playing it” parts. I tested the synthesis playing a small choralprelude by Walther on a single midi keyboard (errors mine):

Vivaldi (2017-05-04 20:51:00)

The Four Seasons, recomposed by Max Richter (Max Richter has disassembled them and fashioned a new composition from the deconstructed pieces. Using post-minimalist procedures to extract fertile fragments and reshape the materials into new music.).

Super Kaiju Dunk City, if you love guitar-hero-likes.

The history of esculent fish.

Game Making (2017-04-15 08:38:00)

When you are braingstorming and your teammate sends you this mockup.

Putting <3 back into RogueLikes!

An off-grid social network (2017-04-07 07:10:00)

The unique properties of Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) make it possible for
digital information to spread easily even in the absence of Internet
Service Providers (ISP) and the internet’s backbone.

Colur me interested! Scuttlebutt: an off-grid social network.

Riding in Shikoku / Assembly line

Nosedo (2017-03-04 10:18:00)

Two bits from Chiesetta di Nosedo.


Bigger version.

Pity I didn’t note down the words from the ephigraph on the right, but it is a funerary inscription of someone named Car…: apparently very famous in his time, apparently dead in 536 A.D..

Always nice to visit something fascinating nearby you were not aware of.

Haskell Day Again (2017-02-25 20:00:01)

Haskell day, exhausted & happy as only an Haskell day could get me. Thanks to Mikamai and LinkMe for hosting this!

Bonus, I snatched some dark green ink.

More more watercolours (2017-02-16 07:14:00)

by enviable friend / by William Blake.

More birches, too.

More watercolours (2017-02-08 08:31:00)

Boris Vasilievich Smirnov (1881–1954) was a Russian artist who in
1904 traveled by prisoner transport from western Russia across
Siberia. Along the way he created a series of drawings and watercolors
of the people and places he encountered.

Novosibirsk State Museum of Regional History and Folklife.

Also: Most of the web really sucks if you have a slow internet connection and Six works of Computer Science-Fiction.

edit: nostalgia vibes with Using the (Commodore 64|DOS|Amiga|Atri|etc.) as main PC in $CURRENT_YEAR.

Birds of a Feather (2017-01-09 07:44:00)

Wintry sundries, by North Star Nature.

Paradise, by Jan Brueghel the Elder.

New year’s resolutions by David Cain (as my connection is extremely shaky, I guess mine could be “no net for 4 months”).

edit: I've 300,000+ messages and it times out after downloading 150,000 (+/- a few 1000) due to Googles max session limit of 24h.. Yes, it is true.

Make it so (2017-01-06 07:31:00)

Spent the best part of this morning fsck-ing the drive of my laptop, which refused to boot with an ominous unrecoverable error. Quite distressing, considering the most recent file on my external backup HD is 2016-11-03.tar.gz.gpg.

2017 can be year where we get into the habit of backing up data early and often, let’s do this together!

On a related topic, the cliff, by Joey Hesse. Every outage has a silver lining, and for sure my 2017 resolution is to minimise time spent online.

A blast from the past (2016-12-20 08:36:00)

Today a book I ordered some weeks ago finally arrived. Apparently it was part of a public library:


And the last date someone checked it was -2 APR 1960.

You’ll be fine here, buddy.

Tinfoil (2016-12-14 08:42:00)

In the Walls of Eryx, a lovely ZX Spectrum game inspired by Lovecraft and Sterling’s short story.


Play it with your favourite Speccy emulator (don’t have a Speccy emu? check this online one).

  QAOP to move,
  <Space> to fire.
Use gems to open doors, collect fuel to shoot, don't run out of oxygen!


Tamper proof laptop.

Il Nebiun (2016-11-27 06:44:00)

Today I went running:


Bigger version

It is dangerous to go alone (2016-11-26 07:39:00)

AskMeFi user on their life mission + retail community poetry.

edit: Castro is dead, what better time to replay Hidden Agenda.

Also, work in progress: