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spring is coming (2019-03-08 07:14:00)

spring is coming / jardín cerrado / YA twitter's victims and critics speak.

g (2019-02-25 20:31:00)

<ainar-g> Mi devis helpi al unu vindoz-programisto. C# estas fiamuza lingvo.

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la verda stelo (2019-02-18 20:51:00)

Work in progress Janko keyboard, Air de Ballet, Linguistic distances (pick a language and see its relatives).

il furto (2019-02-09 08:21:00)

two great repos (2019-02-04 08:07:00)

OpenScore: Liberating Sheet Music and Watercolour World.

bonus: Susanna and the Elders, Snow Days.

Kerfuffle (2019-02-02 07:10:00)

Play Kerfuffle by KKairos!


To play it you need DosBox and the ZZT engine. Move the .zzt into the engine folder, select a world with W and pick KRFFFL-C). The game is worth the setup pain, I promise!

Other: Dokmelody, (eo) Mazi en Gondolando.

More non-OC (2019-01-30 07:44:00)

of death and other things (2019-01-26 08:00:01)

<FSi> i think you may be the reason youtube keeps recommending me harp videos
<FSi> not to say i dislike that, quite the opposite

death: Comic book death, Wikipedia obituaries.

other things: If novels were formatted like bibles, Maria Sibylla Merian: naturalist and scientific illustrator.

frugal (2019-01-24 08:31:00)

Death and Burial (2019-01-20 08:42:00)

initials (2019-01-10 08:36:00)

read-list (2019-01-01 08:42:00)

Last year I decided to get back into reading more (I even compiled a handy list to help me in the selection process).

I read 60+ books in 2018: 53 from the public library, a handful of ebooks (I sold my ebook reader after realising paper is more comfortable to my eyes – and gets me in the mood to read more) and a few paperbacks bought in shopping sprees.

So here is a selection of the ones I liked most, if you want to start your 2019 with a similar goal:

Goodbye Mnemosyne (2018-12-07 07:44:00)

After almost ten years, the time has finally come to say “goodbye” to Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne is an amazing spaced-repetition software (with simply the best user experience of them all), but I simply find myself more and more weary of screen-time the older I get.

I will replace it with a pen and paper method: one of A Simple Vocabulary Memorization Method and the Gold Book method.

Transferring ~9500 cards will be quite a task, but I am sure it will be worth it.

gscholar-rss (2018-11-09 08:18:00)

Do you want to be updated of new research papers via RSS? Then you will like gscholar-rss.

org-mode mode (2018-10-30 20:21:00)

Happy to announce that lentil now supports Emacs org-mode (.org) syntax. Many thanks to Damien Couroussé for the patch!

Just played: Winter Storm Draco.

Bel fiore dança (2018-10-28 07:35:00)

Here is a small thing I transcribed and tried to play today (synth: aeolus).

If you want to play it yourself, grab the score (abc/pdf).

Jean Giraud's illustrations for the Divine Comedy.

cpp (2018-08-11 07:35:00)

I wrote some haskell hack.

Van Gogh pen & watercolor sketches.

Fun with FRP (2018-07-24 08:38:00)

Click on the image below to play a simple-but-smart chess puzzle.

click to enjoy a simple chess puzzle

I wrote this using reflex-dom, to check the capabilities of Haskell for the web. Some of it is still painful (long build times, no way to use repl/ghicd, bloated exes, extremely scant documentation), while writing FRP is alluring.

Joachim Breitner wrote on the matter and provides some relief.

Music keyboard (2018-07-06 08:18:00)

I wrote an article on travel friendly music keyboards.

animascii (2018-03-16 06:22:00)

I finally published animascii, a textfile-based ascii animator.

Writing it was a nice experience, making me acquainted with some lesser-known parts of cabal workflow.

Enjoy, feedback and bug reports welcome!