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goat (2023-05-31 07:14:00)

- Henry is Hungry, a great little homebrew Game Boy ROM by The Frugal Gamer. Play it with an emulator or in your browser:

software projects lifecycles (2023-05-24 07:35:00)

A toot (something similar to a tweet) and a reply. Hécate
says “A colleague just said "Waterboarding" instead of
"Waterfall" whilst talking about software projects lifecycles,
and it's hilarious.
Koz Ross replies “Also accurate”.

computer (2023-05-08 08:07:00)

walser (2023-04-24 07:44:00)

I like the rain (2023-04-12 07:44:00)

I like the rainOlder is often betterimprovisation no 252 tenor recorder, drums, keyboardDes petits gestes…How to tell your cat is blind (how blind cats cat).

css (2023-03-21 21:38:00)

<artem> your blog could really benefit from larger margins!

I made some modifications and:

comments on css, first user liking the old
layout better, second finding the margin too thick
on mobile and the font too small on desktop, third
one complaining about line spacing. All are unhappy.

So I reverted back to old layout, only making minimal changes on margins (they should be responsive, i.e. thicker on desktop and narrower on mobile). Any comment on site usability (font size, margins, whatever) is welcome.

Flurry of links: First Warm DayCyan SkyTwisted Vase in OpenSCADThe California Problem.

Venzone reloaded (2023-03-11 07:10:00)

mail (2023-03-01 14:48:00)

hands (2023-02-24 08:31:00)

running back to you (2023-02-17 08:42:00)

bash (2023-02-12 20:51:00)

fosston paradise (2023-01-31 20:31:00)

tradizione italiana (2023-01-01 08:36:00)

art (2022-12-15 08:00:01)

riddles (2022-12-03 07:35:00)

quora (2022-10-29 20:21:00)

<n-p> Imagine you got stuck with your head in a fruit mixer
<n-p> and want advice from likeminded people

industrial society and its future (2022-09-21 08:21:00)

New ways of contacting me (IM).

hiking (2022-07-22 08:42:00)

nodejs (2022-05-28 08:18:00)

<Glider_IRC> It's a nodejs mentality, not understand what you do, not
             understanding what the machine do, not understanding what your
             code do, and not understanding what the code parts you
             put together like lego do.
<Glider_IRC> In others words and shorter, understanding nothing.

I almost broke (again) my laptop; I am not amused by my misery without a computer.

games (2022-04-16 06:22:00)

Not one, but two games I have enjoyed during Easter:

Rest: The kinds of portraits I preferWhatsapp suicide.